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Dr. Swapnil Kapote is a well known Cancer Surgeon in Thane, associated with Jupiter Hospital on full-time basis. Dr. Swapnil Kapote has a total experience over 10 years in performing cancer surgeries and he has successfully done over 3000 surgeries as of now. With the intense training he received from renowned trainers from his teaching institute, he has produced best outcomes in patients whom he perated for cancer treatment. Over a period time, Dr. Swapnil Kapote has become a trustworthy cancer surgeon / surgical oncologist. His appointment at Jupiter hospital is one such authentication of his credentials in cancer surgery.

Dr. Swapnil Kapote is trained at Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai which is one of the largest, most reputed, respected cancer hospital, institute and research center in Mumbai, India and perhaps in Asia. Dr. Kapote spent over 4 years at Tata Memorial Hospital during his residency in the capacity of senior registrar and underwent dedicated and exhaustive surgical training for cancer under different departments for various cancers.