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My Qualifications

Dr. Swapnil Kapote is a renowned cancer surgeon in Thane. Dr. Kapote completed his MS and pursued special training as a senior registrar at Tata Memorial Hospital,Parel, Mumbai. Tata Hospital has a long standing reputation of producing best cancer doctors / physicians / consultants / surgeons for cancer treatment. , During his residency at Tata Hospital, Dr. Swapnil Kapote underwent training for various cancer surgeries in various departments which are as follows.

Details of work at Tata Memorial Hospital

Worked as a senior registrar in all surgical units at TMH. Performed and assisted a number of major and supra major surgeries (Detailed list will be made available on request).

Duration: 6 months
During this period I have performed and assisted surgeries like whipple's procedure, radical gastrectomies, Anterior resection, Abdominoperineal resection, radical cholecystectomies, liver resections, radical hemicolectomies, laparosopic APR amongst others.

Duration: 6 months
I have performed and assisted procedures which include total transthoracic oesophagectomies, tranhiatal oesophagectomies, VATS TTE, VATS lung resections, mediastinal tumor excision, chest wall tumor excision and mediastinosopies. I have also performed Port insertion techniques.

Duration: 6 months
I had the opportunity to perform numerous Wertheim's hysterectomies, primary cytoreduction procedures, Interval cytoreduction procedures, radical vulvectomies, groin node dissection amongst others.

Duration: 8 months
Under the guidance of the highly esteemed faculty at TMH, I was able to perform and assist procedures like hemimandibulectomy, segmental mandibulectomy, total and partial glossectomy, modified and selective neck dissections, total and hemithyroidectomies, superficial and total parotidectomies, partial and total laryngectomies, maxillectomies and others.

Duration: 2 months
I performed and assisted procedures like penectomies, radical nephrectomies, radical cytectomies, RPLND and learnt the management of testicular tumors.

Duration: 4 months
I had the opportunity to learn the management of challenging paediatric tumors like neuroblastoma, wilm's tumor, rhabdomyosarcoma, retinoblastoma, soft tissue sarcomas, hepatoblastomas. I was able to perform and assist numerous procedures like neuroblastoma excision, radical nephrectomy, enucleation, liver resections, port and Hickman catheter insertion. In the neurosurgical unit, I learnt the management of common brain and skull base tumors and assisted in many neurosurgical procedures.

Duration: 4 months
I assisted in numerous free flap procedures like free fibula osteocutaneous flap, free radial artery forearm flap, free anterolateral thigh flap and performed and assisted numerous pedicled flaps like PMMC, DP flaps, forehead flap, lip reconstruction, pedicled ALT flap, various lower limb flaps , LD flap amongst others.

Duration: 3 months
Post: Senior Research Fellow
I worked in the breast Cancer unit as a senior research fellow during which I learned complete management breast cancer patients including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I am well versed with surgeries like MRM, BCT and breast reconstructive procedures.