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Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer is currently the cancer of highest incidences in Indian females. It has overtaken incidences of Cervical cancer in India which was the number one cancer found in Indian females few years ago. Breast Cancer is abnormal and uncontrolled growth of breast tissue which forms Tumor initially and eventually spreads to other organs to develop cancer of stage IV if not treated on time. This abnormal growth can be because of many reasons that brings about gene alteration / abnormality

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In India, over 1,60,000 new cases of breast cancer are found every year. At any given point in time in year, there are over 4,00,000 female patients of breast cancer, who are either taking treatment or surviving post treatment in India.

Risk factors for breast cancer are as follows.

  1. Age- Old age itself is a risk factor for breast cancer as the chances of developing any cancer, including that of breast are high with increasing age.
  2. 2. Lifestyle- Adoption of western lifestyle, eating of fatty junk food etc add to the risk of breast cancer.
  3. Tobacco and Alcohol habit- Increasing trend of women smokers or alcohol consumers, especially in metro cities in increasing the risk of breast cancer in India.
  4. Early Menarche or Late Manopause- Longer the females remain exposed to their female body hormones, higher are the chances of breast cancer in them.
  5. Late age at first child- In today's westernized India, women tend to focus on careers which eventually leads to late marriages and late age at first child. This is one of the risk factors for breast cancer.

Early detection is proven to be very useful in increasing the chances of cure in breast cancer. In India, with the progressing science, highly qualified cancer specialists and availability of latest medicines and surgical techniques, curing cancer as well as achieving best control over disease offering highest quality of life to patients is very much possible. Identification of early symptoms is the key for early detection and expected cure.
Symptoms of Breast Cancer are

  1. Visible Lump / Tumor in breast
  2. Lump or Tumor that can be touched and felt inside breast tissue.
  3. Dimpling of the breast skin
  4. Unusual change in the size and shape of breast
  5. Yellow discharge from nipple
  6. Red discharge / bleeding from nipple
  7. Non healing wound on breast skin

All these symptoms should be immediately reported to Family Doctor / Gynecologist or Oncologist because they can be suggestive of breast cancer.
Unfortunately in India, we get cancer cases at stage III or IV because of which treatment can only be offered to offer patients only a good control and quality of life. Medical science has progressed well to offer good life in even late stage of breast cancer.
At Jupiter hospital, we offer patients a breast conservation surgery which is a modern day technique of breast cancer treatment by surgery unlike earlier when surgeons used to remove complete breast (Mastectomy) to treat breast cancer. Patients in relatively early stages of cancer can be offered breast conservation surgery which protects their maximum mass of breast, leaving them to freely move in society without any social stigma. In such patients, we offer chemotherapy and radiotherapy support after breast conservation surgery so that cancer does not come back.
Dr. Swapnil Kapote is trained at Tata Memorial Hospital in Breast Cancer unit to efficiently perform the breast conservation as well as other breast cancer surgeries.